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A Fresh New Approach

The Kendu Zero Spill is a simple and effective design that is radically different than the shallow waterbowls used for the last 80 years. It is creatively designed to meet all the needs of modern dairy farmers. A fresh new look at watering cattle in a tie stall.

How it Works

•  Eliminate spills from splashing, dunk overflow and miscellaneous playing
•  Maximize drinking comfort and water flow to encourage maximum water consumption
•  Minimize maintenance requirements.

Zero Spill
A simple common sense solution: Don’t stop the Splashing, Just stop the Spilling.

The Kendu Zero Spill waterbowl does not try to stop the splashing. Splashing is only a problem if the water makes it out of the bowl. The KZS simply stops the splashes from leaving the waterbowl.

A cow splashes because she is bored and the only toy she has to play with is her waterbowl. Changing a cows natural behavior is difficult if not impossible.

Some methods currently used involve spring coils or inward bent rims. These are ineffective and make drinking uncomfortable. Cows are still able to fill the water level up to the rim and lap it out or dunk their muzzles in to overflow it.

The Kendu Zero Spill is radically different than the conventional shallow rigid waterbowl. Water is contained by the specially shaped deep bucket. The high flow tube valve is located low inside the deep bucket. The animal activates the valve by pushing it in any direction. The water level is maintained at about 2 inches in the bottom of the bucket. An animal cannot raise the water level above this unless they submerge their nostrils to access the valve.

The distance from the water surface to the rim of the bucket is at least 8 inches. The water volume is similar to standard waterbowls, however the remaining volume of the bucket is intended only to keep splashes contained. When an animal splashes, there is no chance of the water escaping straight up over 8 inches to spill out.

Comfortable Access
A traditional rigid waterbowl must be shallow to fit within the dividers of
most tie stalls, and still allow enough room above the bowl (24”) for a cow to access her water. The flexible bucket of the rubber KZS-07 allows her access to the water in a different way. It flexes sideways towards the cow when she puts her face into it so that the stall divider is no longer in the way and she essentially has her own private waterbowl. The distance between the rim and the divider should still be maximized for the cows comfort but even with 3” of space a cow can still reach her water.
See picture at left.

The Poly KZS-13 is slightly shorter than the original KZS-07.  It allows comfortable access in stalls that have 26 inches of space under the headrail or stall divider.  Modern tiestalls have this space.

High Flow Valve
An additional goal of the design is to increase the water consumption of high producing cows. Cows can drink a large amount of water very quickly if it is available. If the water flow is too high in a traditional waterbowl it is likely to splash out of the shallow bowl, so valves must be restricted to reduce the flow rate. Cows are sometimes impatient with the slow flow and stop drinking. In the deep bowl of the Zero Spill, the valve can be unrestricted to allow maximum flow. The SF2002 valve has a restrictor that can be removed to allow up to 25 litres per minute at 50 psi. Cows can now fill up quickly and comfortably. Milk production will not be limited by the lack of water consumption.

Self Cleaning
The high rim of the bucket reduces the chance of a cow lifting feed into the bucket. The high flow valve scours the bottom of the bowl to keep it clean. The high flow also keeps small particles of feed suspended in the water so that they are swallowed by the cow.


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