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“We have 7 Kendu Zero Spill waterbowls.  We put them where our wettest stalls were.  Now those stalls are the driest.  It saves a lot of work cleaning out wet bedding.   I recommend installing them where you have cows with high somatic cell counts and watch the scc drop.  I had cows drop from over 1 000 000 to under 300 000 in one test.  Their scc continued to drop and stay down because their stalls stayed dry.  I plan to replace the rest of my waterbowls with the Kendu Zero Spill.”

Ron McLeod, Ourquest Holsteins, Micksburg, ON

“Delivery was excellent …  It came 2 days after I ordered it by UPS.”  “The bowl sure fooled my troublesome cow who always stood by her bowl and sloshed water hour on end.  No more mess by that cow!”

Alvin Martin

“We bought 6 Kendu Zero Spills.  When we had 3 installed, our neighbor saw them and liked them so much he took one home to try for himself”  “We installed them where the messiest cows in the barn were.  Now those spots are the driest spots in the barn.  They stay clean; I’ve never had to clean feed out of them.  We will definitely get more.”

Curtis Garner, Dairy Dale Farms, Embro, ON

“We have had one of the earlier prototype models of the zero spill in our barn for close to 2 years now and couldn't be happier with it.  It has completely eliminated spillage and wasted bedding, while being used on cows that spilled the most in our barn.  Durability is great and we have ordered more.”

Rob Fletcher, Greenlark Farms, Pembroke, ON

“I replaced one side of my barn with Kendu Zero Spill waterbowls because I was tired of cleaning up the wet mess when cows splashed water on their feed.  Once the Zero Spill waterbowls were installed, the cows stopped wasting good feed and the mangers were easy to keep clean.  I liked them so well that I replaced the waterbowls on the other side as well.  I now save ˝ hour worth of cleanup chores every day.  The cows seem to be drinking more and milk production is up.  I would suggest that if wet feed is causing you aggravation the Kendu Zero Spill will fix it.” 

Maynard Martin, Elmira, ON

“I don’t like the wet smelly bedding that I must clean out of the stalls when cows splash water from of their shallow waterbowls.  I tried one Zero Spill waterbowl between my 2 messiest heifers.   It sure worked well.  Their stall stays dry with no extra work.   I bought 10 more because I think dry stalls will prevent many mastitis cases and keep their hooves harder and healthier.”

Allan Porter, Belcher Holsteins, Belmont, NS

“We’ve tried everything to stop the cows from splashing water and getting their stalls wet.   Special springs or rims don’t work well.   We even tried reducing the water flow to reduce the amount of wasted water.  We purchased the Zero Spill waterbowls hoping that we could stop the cows from wasting water.  Finally we’ve found something that works.  The cows can’t splash any water on their stalls.” 

Debbie Rainer,  Darfield, BC


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