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How it Works

Comfortable Safe Access
Training animals to drink from the pail shaped waterbowl is quite easy.  The pail shape is a natural shape for an animal to eat or drink from.  The sides slope towards the valve to guide an animal’s nose towards the valve.  The bucket is made of a strong flexible rubber compound to ensure that it is comfortable to drink from.  The flexible material allows the greatest safety for animals especially in small pens.  If an animal runs into or is pushed into the waterer it will flex in to absorb the impact.  Injuries are far less likely compared with rigid waterers.

High Flow Valve
An additional goal of the design is to increase the water consumption in hot weather.  Shallow waterbowls must maintain a slow flow rate to keep the water from shooting over the sides.  In the deep bowl of the Zero Spill, the valve can be unrestricted to allow maximum flow.  The SF2002 valve used in the Zero Spill waterbowl has a restrictor that can be removed to allow up to 25 litres per minute at 50 psi.   The tube valve design opens with a push from any direction.  Animals can now fill up quickly and comfortably.  Production will not be limited by the lack of water consumption.

Self Cleaning
The high rim of the bucket reduces the chance of an animal lifting feed into the bucket.  The high flow valve scours the bottom of the bowl to keep it clean.  The high flow also keeps small particles of feed suspended in the water so that they are swallowed by the animal.

Reduced Labour
Bedding is used in pens and loose housing to absorb urine and fecees to keep animals clean and dry.  Removing manure is the most labour intensive tasks done to care for animals in pens.  Eliminating wasted water with the use of a Zero Spill waterbowl would reduce the time required to clean out pens.

Reduced Manure Volume:  The addition of wasted water splashed onto bedding increases the volume of manure to be removed from the pen.  This additional manure requires additional storage and additional spreading costs.  Containing splashed water would eliminate spilled water and would eliminate several loads of manure to be transported to the fields.  Fuel and equipment savings could be substantial. 

Reduced Bedding:  Bedding costs are rising quickly.  Using extra bedding to absorb unnecessary wasted water is expensive and frustrating. 

Healthier Environment:  A wet environment promotes the growth of harmful bacteria.  Hoof rot, mastitis, and other infections can occur more easily in a wet environment.  Veterinary expenses could be reduced as well as mortality rates. 

Safety:  Rigid waterbowls offer an obstruction in pens that can sometimes cause injury to animals.  Cast iron, steel or even plastic waterbowls that are bolted to posts or walls can harm animals if they run into or are pushed into them.  Minor scrapes or major injuries can result from collisions between animals and hard waterbowls.  The Kendu Zero Spill waterbowl it made from a flexible rubber compound that absorbs any impact and then rebounds into its original shape.  The only rigid parts on the waterbowl are mounted within 2 inches of the post or wall and are contained within the rubber pail.

Low Maintenance Requirements:  No frost plugs are needed to protect from damage, therefore no surprise leaks will occur because of a little cold weather.  The valve and water connection are able to take substantial freezing without being damaged.  Lines leading to the waterbowl would be more likely to rupture first.  There are only 3 wear parts that could need replacement.  The valve has a neopreme washer that may stiffen up and start to leak in 5 to 10 years.  The stainless steel spring in the valve could weaken and start to leak in 10 to 20 years.  Both parts are sold for approximately $1 each.  The rubber pail may show some wear in 5 to 10 years and can easily be replaced without turning off the water.  It is sold for $24.95.

Environmental Funding Programs
Zero Spill waterbowls reduce negative impacts on the environment in the following ways:

•  reduce water waste
•  reduce feed and bedding waste reduces land requirements for food
•  reduce manure volumes reduces greenhouse emissions
•  reduce fuel requirements spreading manure reduces greenhouse emissions

Some Regions recognize the Environmental Benefits resulting from switching to Zero Spill waterbowls and offer financial incentives to encourage their use.  Canada Farm Stewardship Program is a cost share program providing 30% for in barn improvements … more efficient livestock watering devices and cleanout systems to reduce water use and decrease manure volumes

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