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A Fresh New Approach

A Bright Idea
A farmer noted that if a reserve of water was needed for those peak drinking times he would much rather have a closed tank located above and out of the reach of cows.  Having a large open trough of water where cows can walk past it is simply impossible to keep clean as he would like it.

Economics for using Kendu Zero Spill waterbowls
When free stall facilities are designed, access to water is one of the more important considerations.  However, in many facilities adequate access to water troughs will only be tested once the facility reaches full capacity during the hottest weather.  If a problem is noticed, adapting water troughs to meet higher watering demands is difficult and costly.  Larger water troughs may not fit in the allocated spaces and water flow is restricted to the limits of the float valves.  The easiest most economical method to ensure enough watering locations is to add individual waterers in various locations in the barn.  The Kendu Zero Spill offers the flexibility to work in any location and the high flow to satisfy high producing cows quickly.  It is difficult to determine the actual $ consequences for having inadequate drinking space.  Smaller less aggressive cows and heifers would be most affected by lack of drinking space.  Milk production would be limited if water intake was insufficient.  This would have a serious affect on milk income.  Health problems caused by inadequate water consumption such as heat stress could cause many additional costs.  Labour requirements would not increase.  Regular tipping or draining is not required for Kendu waterbowls.  A well placed Kendul waterbowl will rarely require any cleaning although regular inspection is recommended.  Installing Kendu Zero Spill waterbowls is a permanent, affordablel solution for providing sufficient water access to all cows.

Reduce the Waste
Using Kendu Zero Spill waterbowls exclusively in a free stall facility is rare, but would achieve a significant savings in wasted water.  Water troughs contain large amounts of water that is easily dirtied by cows.  This water requires regular attention, including draining or dumping the water onto walkways around the water trough.  If wasted water is not a financial concern, consider the costs of this waste water when it must be stored with the liquid manure and then applied to your fields.  Eliminating wasted water could reduce several loads of water being hauled to the fields.  Hauling heavy loads of manure requires a great deal of power and fuel.         


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