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About Kendu Innovations

Farmers Designing Products for Farmers:  Modern farmers need the most effective trouble free equipment available.  Manufacturers lack the practical knowledge to provide this equipment.  Without sufficient feedback from farmers, manufacturers are slow or unable to make improvements to their products.

The solution is for farmers to work directly with manufacturers to design new and improved equipment.  Not just providing feedback, but actually giving ideas and direction during the design.  As a farmer, how often do you see a problem with a product that could easily be fixed if you were there when it was designed.  Farmers are the experts when it comes to knowing how a product should perform, but manufacturers are the experts when it comes to producing a durable product efficiently to sell at a reasonable price.

This website promotes creative products that were designed by farmers:

1) to reduce or eliminate difficult laborious tasks 
2) to be as trouble free as possible
3) to be durable for long life
4) to solve common problems

This website will provide a forum for farmers to give suggestions to improve agricultural products.

Our Principles

1) Honesty above all else.

2) Do not make exaggerated claims about the performance of a product.  No one is happy to pay for a product and then find it doesn’t work as well as they were promised. 

3) It is better to Under promise and Over achieve than to Over promise and Under achieve.

4) Strive for pricing fairness.  No one is happy if they find that their neighbour has purchased the same product for a lower price.

5) Strive for Common Sense.

6) Value simple solutions over complex solutions KISS principle.

7) Earn a fair return from your efforts.


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